About Us

Who We Are

Founded by Pierre Manigault and John M. Burbage in 2008, Evening Post Books is the award-winning book publishing division of Evening Post Industries based in Charleston, South Carolina. We specialize in books written by authors hailing from and writing about the South Carolina Lowcountry, including high-quality fiction, non-fiction, and specialty publications. Our catalog consists of over 60 publications that represent the thriving Southern literary scene.

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Meet the Staff

Pierre Manigault, Co-founder

John M. Burbage, Co-founder

Michael J. Nolan, Executive Editor

Elizabeth W. Hollerith, Managing Editor

Gill Guerry, Graphic Designer

Danielle Kotlinski, Accountant



To submit your work for publication, please access our submissions page and use the portal to upload all materials for consideration.


Contact Us

Business Address:
Evening Post Books
90 Alexander Street
Charleston, SC 29403

Phone: (843) 958-7367