Washed in the Blood


They call him Rut. William Rutledge Elliott IV is Washed in the Blood, an almost born-again Baptist lying low on a remote island, skippering a seepy old freight barge and growing high-quality marijuana for a discerning clientele. While his chosen occupations are perilous, his life is peaceful and predictable until he discovers a strange track in an abandoned rice field, that of an animal officially extinct for over a century. Ridiculed and rebuffed by Department of Natural Resources wardens and biologists, Rut seeks the truth. But instead of setting him free, as the Good Book says, the truth sends him to jail. But there are compensations: good whiskey, good smoke and an unlikely romance with the lovely Charlotte Callahan, one of the state’s first female game wardens. Washed in the Blood is a wild and muddy romp through the South Carolina Lowcountry, a compelling tale and an unforgettable read.

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About the Author

Roger Pinckney is the author of 15 books of fiction and non-fiction, including Reefer Moon and Blow the Man Down, also from Evening Post Books. He lives and works on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina — remote, beautiful, and sparsely settled.


“One of the most distinct American literary voices since William Faulkner.”

“Roger Pinckney is a fool, a fool for love, a fool for Voodoo, just a damned fool.”

“He’s brilliant and feral.”