Much Needed Poems


Much Needed Poems are exactly what they claim to be. Poems much needed. Though there’s plenty here for the young to enjoy—a lesson in happiness for all—poet William Baldwin is now well into retirement and up against the illnesses and losses that come with advanced age. While dodging the perils of Covid and the antics of unhelpful politicians, he faces a mysterious, serious stomach ailment, the deaths of loved ones—and the gradual dimming of sight. For the last 12 years, he has been at least trying to write a poem a morning. Now he suddenly begins to write two and three a day—days usually starting around 3 a.m. The settings of the poems? The Southern village around him. And the natural wilderness just beyond. For companions his wife, his dog, his kayaking and hiking companions—and birds, fish, alligators. The first line in the collection is: “In Heaven will I be allowed to bog through the salt marsh again?” 
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About the Author

Before poetry, Baldwin wrote, among other things, oral histories. It’s important to mention his two most successful efforts were Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden and Heaven Is A Beautiful Place. The heroines, gardener Emily Whaley and storyteller “Sister” Peterkin were just the age he is now.  He learned from each. Most of all, he learned life is a struggle, but you leave the world a brighter place than you found it. Here are eighty poems in forty days plus a few more to sweeten the mix. As S.C. Poet Laureate Marjory Wentworth wrote long years before: “heartfelt, salt-tinged, rooted in place, and full of the kind of wisdom we expect from a life well-lived.  Each poem is a lyrical celebration of the ordinary […] a blessing that reminds us all that we have to be grateful for.”  Still true today.  Even more so?